Explosion personnel


featured members:

Drums/Leader - Steve Taylor

Vocals/percussion - Josie Frater

Guitar/vocals - Rosie Frater-Taylor

Piano: Matt Carter/ Joy Ellis / Jenny Carr

Bass: Jonny Wickham / Seth Tackaberry

Saxes: Vasilis Xenopoulos / Tom Ridout / Phil Meadows / Riley Stone / Mike Rubie / Andrew Lineham / Olli Martin

Tombones: Tom Green / Paul Taylor / Andy Lester / Oli Martin / Faye Treacy

Trumpet: Simon Gardner / Tom Gardner / Kevin Wedrachowski / JP Gervasoni / Ed Bendstead

Since the beginning, many great musicians have shared Steve Taylor's stage & recordings. Sincere thanks to each & every musician's valuable contribution. You're ALL a big part of the show!